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Birthstone and Personality

Each person has different personalities and characteristics, the art of uniqueness of humans. The basic principle and match of a person when it comes to similarities are the colors, the art of giving life and creativity to an object. Colors have their own original light, and there are mixtures too. This is the partial resemblance why people have same and opposite attitudes.

                People make use of colors nowadays to show the correspondence of each personalities, and thus, necklaces, bracelet, pendants, rings and more are made as color mood accessories. Here is a list with little tips of what color suits you best.     

  1. Natural Stone / Jasper Bronze

This represents people who are reserved, but very caring. They are like a wolf who doesn’t want to show weaknesses. They are very strong and like to lead. Once you get to know them, they are talkative, conversationalist and shows care in a very endearing way.

  1. Pink Golden Oz

Here come the people who are romantic, the nurturer of the world. They show sweetness and easy to be friend with. They’re generous, lovely, and kind, but sometimes they go through upside down because they have sensitive feelings especially for people who are very close to them.

  1. Fern Green / Jade

This represents people who are down-to-earth, humble, and really loves nature. They are always striving for balance, especially on their own emotions. They are joiners and can blend with different social groups and have the ability to be alone sometimes. Fern Green people are those who seeks wealth and fortune, striving to achieve goals.

  1. Amethyst (Golden)

Purple people are optimists, fun-to-be-with, gentle and compassionate. They always worry about others before themselves. They are idealistic, always dreaming about future, and looking at hard cases to be possible as long as they set their mind into it. Even though they are happy outside, they’re emotions are sensitive because they love success and hate losing and failure. They dealt with their emotions silently.

  1. White Alabaster (Gold Moon) / Pearl

These people have the purity of personality. They always side on goodness and light even though there are heavy consequences. They have the power to open light and good attitudes of people that are shaded with some dark auras. They are known as the perfect color. Most people with white personality are found in churches as servers and in hospitals as doctors and nurses.

  1. Golden Opal

Opal people are patient, approachable, opinionated, and concerned. They love to chat and tell wonderful stories. They are trustworthy, but because of this, they sometimes lie, but they surely don’t pretend. They don’t care what others think of them, they love to live as is, happily. They are emotional, but really good in hiding their feelings.

  1. Amber Gold / Citrine Bronze

Citrine Bronze is combined of energy and happiness. They represent liveliness, enthusiasm, determination and they have a huge fighting spirit. Sometimes they tend to be a show-off because they want to be appreciated. With their personality, they release sensation and have the ability to be noticed with their actions. Some Amber people are found to be artists, salespersons, actors and actresses.

  1. Amber Bronze / Citrine Gold

These people are very warm, secure and sometimes sensitive. They are always the protector of weak people. They don’t show fear even though they are afraid and they love being look up into. They show confidence and always sure of their own decisions. They always have the best side as adviser, but when it comes to their own love issues, they tend to do even the most idiotic decision.

  1. Pink Silver Oz / Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is simple, but they are graceful and elegant. They are gentle and most people admire them for their beauty, both inside and outside. They are the easiest to show appreciation, but when they get hurt, they lose colors and it is hard for them to deal with it because they always think that they are at fault. Pink are very lovely and they show the greatest concern on friends, families and even with person they just met.

  1. Amber / Citrine Silver

These people are creative and cheerful. They always analyze and their minds are always working. They love to think of happy and funny moments especially when they are sad or down. With this, they became perfectionist of their own work. They might fall at first, but they have a methodical thinking of how to achieve goals.

  1. Silver Amethyst

These are the lighter version of Golden Amethyst. They are reliable, understanding, and just. They love to keep their structure in life. They also think of others before themselves, but only with those who are just and fair. Silver amethyst can get addicted to things especially when they are happy or hard to achieve. They give all their time and effort one at a time.

  1. Silver Opal

The lighter version of gold opal where they only speak of things that they are sure of, they represent affection, security and trust. They love to share their life experiences. They don’t give advices if they haven’t seen or experienced it. Unlike Golden Opal, they are not very good in hiding their feelings. They also like to get some people’s advice because they are the realistic type.

  1. Amber Silver / Yellow Apatite Silver

These people love knowledges, fun, and they see every bit of life’s importance. They are also optimist and they always see hope even if there is a very minimal percentage. They are like the angels of light because they keep hopes and happiness alive even on tough times. They like to learn new things, make experiments and share intellects.

  1. Crystal White Alabaster (Silver)

People with these stone always show the truth and the light. They are like guardian angels walking on land. They are observers, they will definitely know if something is bothering you. These are the people who will not ask the question, “What’s the problem?”. Instead, they will just offer whatever help they can give. These people are your guardian who will tell you that there is always a choice and a chance. They are kind and the purest among all.

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